Erbert promotes a culture of healthy eating for the well-being and health of people through a chain of physical stores and digital channels that primarily sell fruits and vegetables and ready-to-eat meals prepared by the company’s chefs and nutritionists.

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Seed Capital

Enrico Capoferri

Economic and social premises

A correct diet requires a considerable effort in the search for high quality products, in the purchasing phase and in the preparation of dishes, in a general context where food habits and purchases are often driven by an insufficient knowledge base.

The role of Oltre

As lead investor and co-founder, Oltre supported the fundraising of EatRight Srl and the entry of further investors in the company’s share capital, actively collaborating with the management in the initial development of the company and in the opening of the first Erbert concept store.


biodegradable packaging used for aliments


people who visited the first store


weekly balanced meals sold

Erbert's impact

The company has created a real “food system” of integrated services to promote the well-being and health of people through information, education and the online and retail sale of healthy, tasty and quality food products in concept stores.

The presence of a dedicated laboratory and specialized professionals, combined with the experience of the management team in the restaurant and retail sector, allows the company to respond to any dietary requirement and to propose nutritional plans tailored to the consumers’ needs.