The first microcredit platform in Italy for those who do not have access to funding through traditional channels.

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Andrea Limone

Economic and social background

More and more people are excluded from traditional bank credit channels because of insufficient credit history or precarious employment status, despite having basic financial needs – housing, education, health – or good business ideas to be exploited.

The role of Oltre Venture

Oltre Venture has immediately taken on the role of operational partner of PerMicro, supporting the management team in the definition of the business model and the business plan, and finally encouraging the entry of other investors in the capital thanks to its credibility and authority.


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number of loans provided to families


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The impact of PerMicro

PerMicro has fostered and still fosters employment and social inclusion through the professional provision of credits and microcredits, financial education and the offer of start-up services and accompaniment to the creation of new businesses.

Nowadays, the company has become the first Italian company to specialize in the provision of credit and microcredit to individuals excluded from traditional credit channels. In the first ten years of activity, over 850 entrepreneurs and 3,400 families have gone from being unbankable to bankable.