Healthier people

Cera is an English company specialized in digital healthcare, helping elderly patients and their carers managing at-home care.



Higher life expectancy, unquestionably a remarkable achievement, is generating a mass of people in increased need of care and assistance. With a number of elderly people which is expected to shift from 11% to 23% by 2050, homecare is one of the most urgent and demanding social challenges of modern times.

Impact Mission

Cera is redefining healthcare, by moving a growing number of services out of hospitals and into homes. Its platform enables patients or their carers to track their symptoms, schedule their appointments, flag daily habits that can impact medical conditions and –most importantly- to promptly receive qualified health professionals that can deliver quality assistance directly at home.


Country: United Kingdom
Year Founded: 2016

Date of Investment: July 2022
Investment Manager: Nicola Lambert

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  • Reduced number of access to hospitals

  • Improved quality care easily delivered at home

  • Stress release for patients’ carers