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FABA is an Italian company operating in the edu-tainment market by fostering the union between smart toys and audio educational content for children.



In a hyper-connected society, the average daily time that children (even very young ones) spend in front of the screen reaches peaks of 8 hours a day, especially in low-income families. A growing number of studies show that screens at too early an age can hamper the physical, behavioral, emotional, and cognitive development in children Accordingly, the World Health Organization recommends no or limited screen time for children below five years of age.

Impact Mission

FABA allows interactive entertainment for kids without screen exposure thus avoiding potential impairment of the child’s development. At the same time, they are developing educational content that can accompany the child throughout its growth path. 


Country: Italy
Year Founded: 2019

Date of Investment: October 2022
Investment Manager: Sara De Benedetti

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  • Reduction of screen exposure time

  • Education/learning by playing

  • Easier kid management / entertainment