Company specialized in the distributed generation and energy saving sector

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Growth Capital

Michele Cappone

Economic and social premises

The absence of a network of prosumers, i.e. households that are both consumers and producers of electricity, results in higher electricity consumption and poor efficiency in its use.

The role of Oltre

Oltre’s investment was aimed at consolidating the company’s leadership in distributed generation and strengthening its position as an innovative player in the energy sector.


residential implants fueled by renewable sources


total implants power


kilograms of CO2 saved

The impact of Evolvere

The company promotes 360° services to prosumers, guaranteeing savings and efficiency in energy consumption, and allowing them to use their own plants for the self-consumption of electricity and the resale of excess energy to the grid.


In 2020, Eni Gas e Luce acquired a majority stake of Evolvere Spa with the aim of continuing to support the spread of a new energy model in which the customer evolves from a simple consumer to a producer of renewable energy.