Wonderful Italy

Destination management companies for territorial development of secondary areas through tourism

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Early Stage

Michele Ridolfo

Economic and social conditions

Despite being one of the main tourist destinations in the world, in Italy more than 50% of admissions are concentrated in a few cities, leaving intact the potential of “secondary” cities and regions in which the offer of reception and services for travelers remains underdeveloped and fragmented.

The role of Oltre

The idea of Wonderful Italy comes from an intuition of Oltre’s team, which has immediately supported the management in the planification of the strategy and business model and contributed to the entry of new investors in the share capital of the company.


Experiences developed by WI’s network


total presences registered


served cities in which the per capita income is lower than national average

The impact of Wonderful Italy

Wonderful Italy promotes the development of widespread hospitality and professional tourist accommodation through a strong territorial presence represented by the “hubs”, companies founded by the team or acquired that allow you to network with the actors present and enhance local excellence.

Thanks to Wonderful Italy were born new local activities in the South and in regions and cities characterized by high unemployment, simultaneously to the seasonal adjustment of tourist flows in the smaller towns and the enhancement of environmental, natural and historical local heritage.