Cleaner planet

Refurbed developed a marketplace designed for selling refurbished electronics (smartphones, tablet, PCs, etc) to B2C customers interested in second hand products at discounted prices.



With 53 million tons of e-waste produced in 2019 only, the too-short life-time of electronics (smartphones in particular) has a terrible environmental impact on the planet: in 2022 smartphones has been causing 146 million tons of co2 emissions, out of which 83% is due to new devices production. Despite each EU citizen produces 16kg of e-waste per year, only 15% is currently being recycled.

Impact Mission

Refurbed matches companies that refurbish goods and B2C customers to make refurbished products more accessible to people. A refurbished iphone can save up to 78% of CO2 emission compared to a new one and rates are comparable for the other types of devices. Buying a second-life electronic device is an important action to fight climate change.


Country: Austria
Year Founded: 2016

Date of Investment: December 2022
Investment Manager: Raffaele Fedele

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  • Reduced tons of e-waste

  • Reduced tons of raw material extraction

  • Reduced co2 due to:

    • Production of new devices
    • Extraction of raw materials
    • End-of-life of unrecycled product