Healthier people

Medea is a telemedicine company that digitizes diagnostic reporting, with innovative devices that enable the completion of medical examinations in an extremely faster and easier way.



Within the Italian health system which is scarcely digitized and often poorly reactive and rapid, pre-emptive exams are frequently underestimated by patients or postponed. The awareness about the importance of prevention is lacking.

Impact Mission

Medea enables patients to test their health status more accessibly. Not only their devices are more comfortable and allow easier and faster exams completion, but diagnosis improves drastically its time horizon thank to the telemedicine approach. Other than that, exams can now be performed in the closest pharmacy.


Country: Italy
Year Founded: 2016

Date of Investment: July 2022
Investment Manager: Gaetano Giuffré

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  • More accessible exams: faster and closer to home

  • Early prevention of more serious illnesses and higher prevention awareness

  • Higher number of exams that a patient can do easily