Sfera Agricola

Agricultural Company builds and manages hi-tech greenhouses for growing vegetables through the technique of hydroponics, for a sustainable agriculture.

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Early Stage

Luigi Galimberti

Economic and social premises

The Italian agricultural sector has always been characterized by technological backwardness and a poor attitude to the implementation of new production models, which often leads to situations of labor exploitation and illegality that affect the quality of products.

The role of Oltre

Sfera Agricola was born thanks to the financial and managerial contribution of Oltre for the construction of a high-tech greenhouse of 13 hectares, finalized to the production of vegetables through a new model of sustainable agriculture: hydroponic cultivation.


hL of water saved during tomato harvesting


kg of tomatoes sold


people formed and employed

The impact of Sfera Agricola

Sfera Agricola produces good quality, nickel-free vegetables, saving scarce environmental resources such as water and soil and combating the phenomenon of “caporalato” through the regular hiring of local labor and the economic stabilization of the workers’ families.

In just a few years, the company has become a model for other hi-tech companies and greenhouses that have sprung up since then, taking their cue from Sfera in terms of technological innovations and attention to corporate culture in order to pursue greater sustainability in the entire agricultural chain.