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Reflections with Co-Founder Laura Colangelo, founder of MedEA, on the future of Telemedicine.

MedEA Clinic is the new service offered by our subsidiary MedEA, aimed at reducing the time and costs associated with healthcare services, facilitating access to remote exams and screenings, and providing constant support to patients, particularly those in need of regular monitoring.

The services offered by MedEA Clinic range from cardiology to pneumology, dermatology, and sleep monitoring. This diversified array of services has been meticulously curated to address patients’ most crucial medical needs, considering the extensive waiting lists for exams such as ambulatory blood pressure monitoring or cardiac holter monitoring and polysomnography. These services address both the monitoring needs of patients, especially those with chronic diseases, and the areas that are best suited for telemedicine, enabling remote diagnosis.

New clinics and territorial coverage

Territorial coverage is one of the founding pillars of MedEA Clinic, which has recently inaugurated its new clinics in Rome, Milan, and launched its first franchising project in Trieste. The presence of 2.0 clinics serves as a convenient local hub for patients, facilitating easy access to high-quality medical services without the necessity of long-distance travel. By combining territorial coverage with telemedicine, MedEA improves access to care, providing tailored screening services and ensuring rapid diagnoses with reports ready in just 15 minutes.

The innovative model of MedEA Clinic

MedEA Clinic aims to get closer to the patient, becoming a comprehensive service center, thus consolidating its position as an innovator in the sector.

Today, MedEA is the company that offers the widest variety of telemedicine services in Italy: a carefully selected range of 70 services to meet the most important medical needs of patients, also considering the long waiting lists in hospitals for urgent exams. By enabling easy remote screenings, the platform provides continuous monitoring, thus revolutionizing the traditional healthcare model and taking a significant step forward to a more inclusive and efficient healthcare system.

What are MedEA’s future goals?

MedEA currently counts a team of over 200 collaborators, 2800 service points in Italy, and aims to further grow in the future. Its primary goals include nationwide expansion by 2025, followed by internationalization to establish itself as the premier telemedicine provider in Europe. At the same time, the company will also aim to enhance its services by introducing apps and digital devices that promote remote support and a closer and more immediate relationship between patients and doctors.

Discover more about MedEA Clinic

MedEA Telemedicina stands as the leading telemedicine company in Italy and with its innovative approach aims to offer high-quality medical services spread across the country that are truly accessible and inclusive. To discover more about the new services offered by MedEA and its commitment to revolutionizing the healthcare system, visit the website