Cleaner society

Fifteen enables cities and mobility operators of all sizes to use e-bikes, by offering them the first all-in-one network, unlocking the positive footprint of mobility everywhere



Traffic peaks in congested cities, increasingly polluted air quality, and increasingly sedentary lives are just some of the problems that are plaguing modern cities. If we add the difficulty of reaching suburban areas and the associated imbalance, the picture becomes complex.

Impact Mission

Fifteen is redefining micro mobility, by offering cities or mobility operators the first Augmented-Bike-Network to make e-bikes the new standard. From short-term sharing in self-service to long-term rentals, it  provides holistic infrastructure to a vast range of actors, from municipalities to mobility operators, to corporates. People is improving physical health, while reducing traffic and co2 emissions. In addition, Fifteen provides significant contribution in connecting sub-urban to the city centres.


Country: France
Year Founded: 2008

Date of Investment: June 2022
Investment Manager: Raffaele Fedele

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  • Co2 emissions reductions within the cities

  • Improved individuals physical health

  • Lower traffic and congestions

  • Accessibility to sub-urban areas