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Jobtech is an Italian company that aims at becoming the next leading temporary staffing (somministrazione di lavoro) tech agency. They have developed a recruitment platform end-to-end, designed to bring the personnel search and selection process into the digital age. The company’s platform allows simpler and better recruiting and staffing. Through these technologies they can integrate all the steps of the recruitment process in a single platform, simplifying all the simplify all operational processes.



Italy is one of the worst-ranked country for young unemployment rate in Europe, touching peaks of 23%. In addition to that, a high number of youngsters often pushed to relocate abroad and one of the highest resignation rate in history, are making the job industry in urgent call of players capable to properly address the problem.

Impact Mission

The impact mission of the company is one to create a fairer work society, helping employees to find a job in a faster and more efficient way, while finding career paths that better fit candidates’ attitudes and expectations. They are ‘candidate centric’, engaging with them at every step of their career journey. Other than helping them in the job search, they aim at supporting them in scaling their career path, e.g. in better companies or with higher salaries and responsibilities. The attention to the candidate is a key driver for customer acquisition, since quality job matches are significantly valued by customer companies.


Country: Italy
Year Founded: 2020

Date of Investment: October 2022
Investment Manager: Nicola Lambert

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  • Access to quality employment

  • Smoother and faster hiring process with greater attention single candidate’s specificities

  • Opportunity to find a job that better fits personal expectation and attitudes