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Kippy s.r.l. developed a device that combines several location technologies (GPS, BLE, cellular, Wi-Fi) and sensory technologies (gyroscope, accelerometer) able to provide real time outdoor tracking and physical activity monitoring for dogs and cats. The Company sells its device in all European countries both online, via Amazon and its own website, and offline via pet shops.



Over the last decades pets have gained significant social importance as they provide companionship, contributing to safety and health of their owners. Nowadays more and more pets are perceived as real family members, and exert a strong influence on the quality of life of their owners and on their psychophysical as well as social well being, with also therapeutic impacts in the presence of individuals in conditions of fragility.
Today, we can count over 500 mln domestic dogs and cats worldwide, of which 107 mln are in Europe. Two major challenges affect the sector: over 7 mln dogs and cats are lost every year in EU  and more than 2 mln of these animals are never found. At the same time, lack of pets adequate physical activity (most owners are unaware of the right amount of activity that is necessary for the pet breed) can compromise their health.

Impact Mission

The Company works to increase a culture of integrated well being between humans and pets, as components of the same ecosystem, deeply and inextricably interconnected with each other. They have developed a tool to resolve the two common problems of pet ownership: Kippy device simultaneously allows owners to track the location of their pets (both indoors and outdoors) to avoid the risk of loss, and to track the pet’s activity (e.g. eating, running, etc.) and give the owner some ad-hoc suggestions by breed, gender, age of the pet in order to improve its health. 


Country: Italia
Year founded: 2016

Date of investment: Settembre 2022
Investment Partner: Raffaele Fedele

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  • Reducing the risk of pet losses

  • Easier monitoring of pet health